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Where xBlocks came from.

Initially xBlocks was the product of the Mattel Design Summit 2005: a workshop held at Interaction Ivrea, in Italy led by Jan-Christoph Zoels.

The xBlocks concept grew out of Tristam Sparks & Victor Szilagyi's interest in the relationship between traditional play and newer virtual experiences.
Selected by Mattel as a summit finalist, Victor Szilagyi had the privilege of presenting xBlocks to the corporation's senior design managers and executives in Los Angeles.

Though impressed by the concept, Mattel ultimately passed on developing xBlocks and released the IP to Sparks & Szilagyi. This led to the development of xBlocks Red vs. Blue.

alex xBlocks was made possible in part by the generous contribution of many people. In particular:

Thanks to Tony Pa and his Tile Based Games Tutorial for kick-starting the xBlocks Red vs. Blue dev process.

To Nicholas Zambetti for having the patience to help with the code, and to Alexandra Dechamps-Sonsino for her multi faceted expertise and skills.
xBlocks Game 2.0More images in the Gallery: here.

Disclaimer: xBlocks bears no no relationship with, or similarities to, products produced by Microsoft.

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