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When is a video game better than a video game?

When the experience goes beyond the screen, when you have to get up and move around with your characters.

xBlocks is a play concept, an electronic prototype and a mixed-reality installation that challenges the way we think about the relationship between virtual and real-world play.

Check out the concept page for more information or jump straight to our photo gallery to see it all in action.

We are actively seeking feedback by presenting it at arts festivals and design conferences. If you would like to know more about the project or would like to feature it at an upcoming event, please contact us

xBlocks Red vs. Blue was recently exhibited at the new media arts festival, Arborescence in Marseilles, France.

A video from that event is now available.
xBlocks Gallery
xBlocks GalleryMore images in the Gallery...

Salone del Mobile, Milan
Arborescence, Marseilles

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